1 - What is Sims Portal ?

Sims Portal is a Cloud based Social School Management System.

2 - How do i get Started ?

Signup account by going to Sims Portal website http://simsportal.com, Pricing & Signup page and by following the on-screen instructions

3 - What do I need to start Sims Portal?

All you need is a computer with Internet connection and you are good to go

4 - What are my computer requirements to use Sims Portal?

Sims Portal is a Web based application that does not have any special hardware requirements

5 - What are the server requirements?

Sims Portal is a cloud-based hosted solution, you do not need a Server to host Sims Portal

6 - Is Sims Portal Free?

Sims Portal is free for 100 Students with limited access

7 - Are future updates free?

Sims Portal common updates will always be free as long as you are a Sims Portal user. There may however be certain features for our paid clients only

8 - Is the purchase one time, monthly or annual?

Sims Portal is a monthly subscription service. However if you pre-pay for a yearly plan, you get some discount

9 - Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel anytime, you will not be charged from your next billing cycle

10 - Are there any discounts?

The only discount Sims Portal offers is a 20% discount on yearly plan

11 - Do inactive Students count towards the pricing?

No, only active Students count towards your subscription quota

12 - Do I get support with my purchase?

Sims Portal provides Standard Support to all of its free clients. Paid clients will always get our Priority Support

13 - How long does it take to get a response from Sims Portal Support?

Sims Portal standard response time is 1-2 business days, but we try our best to respond to all queries within several hours or maximum by next business day

14 - Do you offer phone support?


15 - How to do a Transfer of Batch in Sims Portal?

You can transfer of batch by Multiple Registration option in Students module

16 - How to change the language in Sims Portal ?

Sims Portal available only in English. You cannot change the language at this stage. However, it will release its French, Chinese and Spanish versions soon

17 - How to change my password in Sims Portal?

Go to the admin module and click on user component, then right click on your account, there is an edit option, just click it and change your password

18 - Is there a mobile version for Sims Portal?

Yes, you can use it with Android phones and Iphone

19 - What if I forgot the password? How can a user recover the password?

On the system login page there is an option forgot your password, click on it and follow the Steps. You will retrieve your Password easily by email

20 - Which all cases does the system send SMS/email notifications?

Yes in all cases system send SMS/email notification

21 - Can we add more than one branch of School in System?

Yes, you can add number of Branches of school in System

22 - Can we upload the Schools pictures/Videos in System?

Yes, you can easily upload Schools picture or videos in Gallery and also home page photos

23 - Can I use System with my Android Device?

Yes, you can use Sims Portal with your Android device

24 - Is Sims Portal having any Installation Cost?

No, it has no installation cost

25 - Is Sims Portal Require any hardware Device?

Sims Portal is an online System, it does not require any special hardware

26 - Can I get Annual Reports from Sims Portal?

Yes, you can get any report any time from Sims Portal

27 - Is data Secure in Sims Portal?


28 - Can we connect with Parents through Sims Portal?

Yes, parents can easily connect with it by their own login account

29 - Can I get any report any time in Print form?


30 - How many accounts can be created for Student, Teacher and Parent?

All students, teachers and parents have a separate account those are added from admin in system

31 - How Students, Teachers and Parents can access their accounts?

Students, Teachers and Parents can access their account by using their portals, login credentials provided by admin

32 - Is Admin data secured from other users?

Yes, you can restrict other users by providing their limited roles

33 - Can I add custom field?

Yes you can add custom field in Students and Employees Profile

34 - Can I announce events or holidays through email?

No, but announcements, events and holidays show on Events Calendar and Dashboard of all Portals

35 - Do you offer SMS service in Sims Portal?


36 - How admin provides user credentials to Students, Teachers and Parents?

Sims Portal generates all user credentials automatically. You just need to right click on user name and get it. or you can generate report of all users login credentials

37 - Can system permit us to add multi shifts in one Account?


38 - Can students download notes from their portals?


39 - Can teacher create course planner from Teachers Portal?


40 - Can teacher add attendance from Teachers Portal?


41 - How can I set restrictions for different users?

There is an option on the right click of each user, User Roles. You can set roles of different user according to his/her working area

42 - Can I Export any report from Sims Portal?

Yes, you can export any report at any time in four different formats

43 - Can I send any report through email?


44 - How can I upgrade my account from free to paid/professional?

If you want to upgrade package please contact us

45 - Is there any limit for data upload?

No, you can upload unlimited user data

46 - Does Sims Portal provide online test option?


47 - Does Sims Portal offer online registration?


48 - Can Sims Portal manage multiple campuses?


49 - Is staff training required before using Sims Portal?

No any special training session required for staff before using the system. We provide free training session only once before initiate to our paid client

50 - Does Sims Portal provide any communication between teachers and students?